I am working together with VIN, the most trusted non-profit organisation currently working in Nepal. One of their major fields of work is women's empowerment and women's rights. In Nepali society, women are easily excluded if they cannot find a suitable husband or when their husband dies. Boys are preferred over girls and women have a great risk of being human trafficked when living in a rural area. It is my and VIN's mission to help these women by means of providing education, basic life and communication skills and income generation in order to become increasingly less dependent on their male family members and to continue this legacy in younger generations.


In the rural village of Jitpurphedi, women have united with the support of VIN to expand their agricultural business and to increase their profits, making them active members of the local community. Over the years, the women at Jitpurphedi Women Agricultural Cooperative have established a platform where people from the area can not only learn more about farming, but also actively take part in courses about domestic violence prevention, women's rights, sustainable selling, and sewing and cutting. They are experiencing great success, having grown from 34 to over 800 members and are now in need of a much bigger office space where they can simultaneously give classes and store all the fertilisers, seeds, education material and so forth. By donating, you are directly funding the construction of their new office!

"The Jitpurphedi Women's Agricultural Cooperative creates a central fund that can supply low interest rate loans to women, thus encouraging economic growth and independence. As agricultural and business endeavors expand qualities of leadership, entrepreneurship, and empowerment are promoted. Women may take out loans to expand their agricultural projects, develop their farms, purchase livestock, or to start a small business."

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Every euro you donate goes straight into the project. There is no loss due to administrative costs. The total cost of construction, IT supplies, fixtures and fittings as well as hardware is €74.000. Every penny you put in this project will be directly visible on site!

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If you have any more questions regarding this particular project, VIN, my role as an upcoming intern within the organisation or the state of women in Nepal, do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail or Facebook.

Disclaimer: I speak as an independent fund-raiser. The words and claims stated here are not necessarily the same as those of VIN or JWAC. I try my very best to be as factual as possible and will continuously report on my findings once in Kathmandu in May 2017. Picture credits go to www.jitpurcooperative.org