From Vlad the Impaler to communism, filled with stories of ancient kingdoms,  tales of deathly winters and breath-taking natural splendor. Eastern Europe is a region that is bound to fascinate you from the very first second.

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The meeting point between Europe and the Far East: Central-Asia is one of the planet's most forgotten areas, yet it offers one of the most culturally rich cities with a magnificent architecture that reminds you both of the Taj Mahal and the great Persian Empire. Experience the life of nomadic Mongolian tribes, walk in the footsteps of warriors of Alexander The Great or follow the path of caravan traders along the Old Silk Road. Central-Asia will take your breath away.

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Allergy-free Travel
Food intolerances and allergies are becoming more and more common. For travelling, this can be incredibly inconvenient and even result in staying home. I happily provide advice on local food/cuisine to avoid the most common allergens and make your experience worthwhile, wherever you go.
Female Solo Travelling
Admittedly, it is mre difficult as a woman alone to travel around. Sexual harrassment, societal rules and not being taken seriously are just some examples. I give tips for women to get through their holidays without any feeling of discomfort or being unsafe. Knowledge is definiltely power here!
The world is a turbulent mess. Political situations change all the time and can make or break your expectations about a country. I keep up-to-date with political situations and write my opinion about developments, attempting to put it all in its unbiased context and approaching it from a science-based perspective.
Sustainable Travel
We are all environmentalists in our own way. I care about this planet as much as every other person does and try my best to minimise my carbon footprint. Travel can become incredibly heavy on the pollution, and I give tips for everyone concerned about the impact of their trips.
Personal Experiences
There's no better account for travel tips than someone who's been there in person and knows the ins and outs of a certain place. I keep a diary with notes about people, restaurants, hotels, tours and experiences that I either definitely recommend or not at all! You can also visit my Tripadvisor account and search for specific places.
Humanitarian Options
A big part of the world needs help more than it needs extra load from tourism. Many countries can benefit from the knowledge that outsiders have and rely on volunteers for humanitarian projects. I provide names of organisations as well as projects that are always looking for a helping hand where you can make the difference.


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